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Regional Pickleball Complex at
Lane Community College


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Foundation is currently working to raise funds for a state-of-the-art Regional Pickleball Complex on the campus of Lane Community College. The complex will be jointly funded by public and private funds, and the Foundation is lead on raising funds for the facility. 

Q. Were will the complex be located?

A. On the campus of Lane Community College (LCC), immediately to the east of the baseball field near the intersection of 30th Avenue and Eldon Schafer Drive. The campus address is 4000 East 30th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97405.


Q. Why is this a great location?

A. There are many reasons why Lane Community College (LCC) is a great location for the complex:

  • It is easily accessible from I-5 (exit 189).

  • There is extensive parking already available.

  • There is public transportation to LCC.

  • This location allows our community to meet the needs of the existing, and future, pickleball players without putting stress on any of our neighborhood parks.

  • The complex will be part of the existing "sports complex" at LCC, and will be a minimum of 1,400 feet from existing residential neighborhoods. This means that noise generated by the complex will not disturb residential neighborhoods. 


Q. How many courts will be at the complex?

A. We envision a complex with 24 courts.


Q. Why is this complex needed?

A. The popularity of pickleball is exploding locally and across the country, and a new facility is needed to meet current and future needs. There are currently not enough courts available in the Eugene-Springfield area to accommodate all the people who currently want to play. In addition, the limited existing facilities are not in satisfactory condition, and none of the existing facilities have adequate parking or associated infrastructure for the existing demand. Furthermore, the existing facilities are too small to accommodate tournaments, leagues, or clinics.


Q. Will the courts have lights?

A. The current plan is for all the courts to have lights, allowing for early morning and night-time play.


Q. Will any of the courts be covered?

A. The current plan is to have 10 courts covered, allowing for play during inclement weather.


Q. When will construction start?

A. Construction is anticipated to start in May 2025.

Q: How much money is the Foundation trying to raise for the complex?

A: We have a project fundraising goal of $5 million. We are currently ramping up our fundraising efforts. If you are able to contribute, please contact us or visit our Donate page. Our goal is to have most of the funds raised by the end of 2024.

Q. How will the project be funded?

A. Through a combination of public and private funds. The Emerald Valley Pickleball Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is leading the effort to raise funds for the complex. If you know of potential donors, please let us know.


Q. Will the complex be built all at once, or in phases?

A. Ideally, it would be built all at once. However, depending on funding availability, it may be built in phases.


Q. What other features will the complex have?

A. We are currently in the beginning phase of planning and designing for the complex. Amenities we are considering include restrooms, water fountains, benches (for seating) a storage facility, shade structures, bicycle parking, and a practice wall.  The facility will be designed to be ADA accessible, including having parking for people with disabilities and wide gates to allow easy access to the courts for people using sports wheelchairs.

Q. Who will own the complex?

A. The facility will be owned by Lane Community College.


Q. Will the complex be open to the public?

A. Yes, the facility will be open to the public.


Q. Who will be in charge of operating/managing the complex?

A. Management and operation of the facility will be done by the Emerald Valley Pickleball Club. Funding for maintenance of the facility will be coordinated among the Emerald Valley Pickleball Club and the Emerald Valley Pickleball Foundation. 


Q. Will there be tournaments at the complex?

A. Yes, as the managers of the complex, the Emerald Valley Pickleball Club will be hosting tournaments itself. The Club will also co-sponsor or rent the venue for large regional and national tournaments, which will have a positive economic impact on our community.


Q. How can I help contribute?

A. The Foundation is currently ramping up its fundraising efforts. If you would like to contribute, please contact us or visit our Donate page. If you know of potential donors, please let us know.

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